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Welcome to my page. Just a little hobby site. I Use it mainly for learning HTML and CSS.

This machine runs a bittorrent daemon and so if the web site feels a bit slow at times, that is why.

My web cam, showing my apartment parking lot. Web cam currently offline until I find a longer USB cable. Web Cam Click it to see an exciting world of parking lot drama. Turned off at bed time. Turned on when I wake up, whenever that is. So it's off a lot. Keep trying though. (^_^)

A mirror of this site.

A barcode of my contact data

Check out the links below. They list some of my favorite things.

Other Pages

The Famous geohot PS3 code and key hosted here in support of geohot.

Useful and fun links to other web sites.

My favorite Anime and downloads of OP and ED vids.

All about my favorite Bittorrent software and Torrent sites.

My page for games. This page is all about my favorite games and mods.

This page is all about the software that I use. Such as OS, media players, email and web browsers.

Some Other Sites That I Am At



Ubuntu Launchpad

Ubuntu Forums



Blog, but very rare that I post to it.

Google profile



public AT universal-mechanism DOT org

IRC Nicks

TwistTheSky on network Favorite channel #bakabt

UpAllNightBrain on network Favorite channel #ubuntu-montana

purplemecha on network Favorite channel #debian, duh.

purplemecha on network

TwistTheSky on network

CherryDarkLord on network

purplemecha on network

UpAllNightBrain on network

IM Networks

MechaMechanism AT jabber DOT org

Aim - purplemecha

Yahoo - nathaniel_homier

Facebook - purplemecha

MySpace - purplemecha AT myspace DOT com

Google - purplemecha AT gmail DOT com

MSN - purplemecha AT hotmail DOT com

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