Spiritual Agnosticism & Moral Nihilism

I tried to find God, but in the end, I just could not accept the supernatural. I figured that if I allowed even a little tiny bit of paranormal, I would have to believe in all things supernatural. I would simultaneously have to believe in a Christian God and Zeus. With all, I know about science and mathematics and have a skeptical mind I just couldn’t do it, belief in a God.

What I can believe is living a spiritual life of love and compassion and tolerance of others. I have a higher power that works by accepting in such a way that I hold myself to the higher ideal of humanity that reflects our species desire for love, compassion, tolerance, peace, and harmony among many other tag words.

I am also a moral Nihilist. I believe that this way of living offers hope for our people. By releasing us of the bonds of inherent morality, we can begin to see that our morality can be shaped by our higher mind. To be free of morality set in stone we can start to look at our Neighbours point of view and to allow our selves the freedom of empathy and understanding. We can heal broken hearts and mend the fence with our enemies.

This is how this alcoholic must live to stay sober amid a mind fraught with mental disorders. I fall far short of this ideal now, but someday I hope to come closer to the never to arrive finish line because it’s a journey.



One thought on “Spiritual Agnosticism & Moral Nihilism

  1. I have grown in so many ways since this post was published. I tell my mom to trust in Jesus and that he will keep us safe. Am I a Christian, maybe, maybe not. Do I believe in Christ, yes. Do I believe Christ and agnostic are all or nothing terms, no. I believe in God, but I am very much agnostic in many other ways. Belief in God does not mean believing in everything. Agnosticism is a process of evaluating information. I’m still a sceptic. The teachings of Christ still hold up through the years because they are universal truths that exist in virtually all religions and stem from evolutions attempt to mold a social species over billions of years.
    So I believe in God and he is real to me and is a God of my understanding and is personal to me. In my case, because I am white, North American, male, I chose Jesus Christ. Anybody can choose a higher power personal to them.
    however, I am very much the sceptic and still apply the process of Agnosticism to my daily life.

    One thing definitely hasn’t changed and that is the fact that I am still a hardcore moral nihlist. For that, we definitely need to apply it to our daily lives if we are to get anywhere. Best bet is to go with what evolution has been driving us towards as a social animal. What we need is a new set of morals based on our existing morals which are based on evolution and then we add to that by using science to help better the common good of mankind. Take for example, poverty, homelessness, these are inventions of civilization, no good reason why they have to exist. Sooner or later science and technology will obsolete poverty, but why not do it quicker with moral nihilism.

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