Love On A Tropical Jewel

You open your eyes, you see blue and you sit up and realize it’s the sky. You hear the sound of crashing waves and look toward the ocean rolling in. Your feet warm and buried in the white sand, you take your feet out of the sand and stand up. You look around and see the coconut trees behind you. Then, off in the distance you see a beautiful woman with a heavenly glow surrounding her, she’s approaching you, you feel a sense of love within you grow and a warmth in your skin. She approaches you and bends over and picks you up, you laugh. She spins both of you around, and you laugh with excitement. You see a man a ways away smiling, a man who will keep you and the woman safe. On this tropical south Pacific island your world is complete and whole. Total and absolute serenity and peace on an island not to be discovered by white people for a thousand years.

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