Here Are Some of My Favorite Comic Book Covers From My Comic Book Collection. Scans By Me. With Commentary.

Covers were scanned at 600 dpi and the file format used was TIF. You’re getting the PNG version. The PNG versions are gigantic and high-resolution image files.

This first one is Thieves & Kings. Love this cover.
Definitely different. Stopped reading after a few issues when I realized it would require more brain power than I wanted to spare. But I love the art. This comic is worthless financially today, has no value to collectors looking to make money. I was never in the comic book business to make money, only to read and look. I’ll never sell or give away this comic.

Without further ado, here is the cover of issue number one.



Fury No. 1. Classic espionage action. Early 90’s reboot. Front cover.


Fury’s back cover is too good to be left alone, so here it is.


We want, we need, we can’t live without Superman. Truly one of comics most, if not the most messianic figure. Here he goes up against one of comics greatest and dirtiest anti-heroes, indeed a fallen angel that never was an angel of heaven in the first place and couldn’t give a rats ass about anything except completing his bounty job and oh-yeah Dolphins. Lobo versus Superman, Nihilism versus the Garden of Eden. A great gimmick cover. Both front and back are here for your pleasure. Front cover of Superman: The Man of Steel No. 30.


The backside of Superman: The Man of Steel, No. 30.


Two titles involving the Punisher. One in Daredevil and the other a crossover with Archie! The Daredevil cover is a perfect cover showcasing the dark costumes for the two characters. Archie and the Punisher?
That one was much more fun than I thought to read. The Archie one while still retaining the comedy of the Archie comics had a somber undertone. It’s well written and as good a comic as any other. Here are the two covers. Starting with Archie.

The Punisher Meets Archie, No. 1



Daredevil No. 293.


Superboy. Ultimate Sacrifice. This is why this comic is special.
Things like this don’t happen very often, and when it did, it was understated, and there was no frantic rush to make this a financial investment case. It was merely an American comic book that started what I consider one of the first significant changes coming to the Superman world that would culminate in the 21st century. Here it is, The cover of the issue that was one of the Supermen comics that started the chain reaction we still feel to this day. Probably one of the first real heartbreaking story arcs that led to the Supermans ultimate sacrifice.

The Legion of Super-Heroes No. 38. Front cover.



Legion of Super-Heroes No. 38, back cover.


You’re probably wondering why I included that back cover of Legion of Super-Heroes. Good question. See Doom Patrol on the rear cover. Never really got into them. Don’t understand them. But I’ve always loved Doom Patrol art. Here is Doom Patrol issue No. 49 from November 1991.


Remember Marvel’s New Universe. I do. Remember Star Brand. I do. Loved that comic. I think they should make a movie out of it. Only this time it should be a Native American actor, just because we need more Native American actors. And by actors I mean male and female. Back to the comic, This comic is my fantasy. Of course, we all would like to avoid the pitfalls that befell the title character, here seen on the cover of Star Brand No. 1.


Of course, we have to have a comic that dabbles in the Golden age of comics and film noir. Jungle adventure, Golden age science fiction, sex, violence, guns, exotic faraway places. You name it. I have the complete series, but I’ll only show you the first issue, No. 1. Jim Silke’s: Rascals In Paradise.


A classic Star Wars cover. Well, leave it at that. Here it is. Star Wars: Tales of The Jedi; Dark Lords of The Sith. No. 5.


I’ll be posting more in the future. That’s enough for this post.

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