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Covers were scanned at 600 dpi and the file format used was TIF. You’re getting the jpg version.

First up, G.I. JOE.  G.I. JOE had some real generic covers that were so generic that they were art in themselves.  But occasionally the comic book series had some iconic covers.  Here’s one that really epitomizes the warfare of the comic series and the intensity of the comic.  Sometimes G.I. JOE could get really intense.  But no one ever really died until the end of the series.  When the comic came to an end, then people started dying, I think that the writers wanted to go out with a bang by killing as many people as possible.

G.I. JOE No. 29.  Destro is the one firing at G.I. JOE on the dock, the G.I. JOE holding up the big metal plate is Roadblock.  Not sure who the other guy is.


Xombi No.1.  I really liked this comic.  One thing about this comic you should know is that the title character is Korean.  Comics have always been much more diverse than television and film or at least quicker to diversity.  Of course, the poor female reader of comics knows all too well the role models for women in comics are less than stellar.  But if you look hard enough there are some really good female characters including some in this book.  The guy on the cover is Mr. Kim and he is Xombi and he is immortal and virtually indestructible.  He got that way after being injected with nano robots that heal and regenerate his tissue in real time.  Since even if he is completely blown to bits, the chances are good that a nano robot or two will have survived, they will simply replicate and will rebuild Mr. Kim using any available organic matter including living matter which means if you are a living human, bad luck for you.

Xombi No. 1


Wonder Woman.  I only ever bought one issue that I know of.  At least this issue is the only one I’ve come across so far.  I felt a stirring in my loins at the thought of this cover as I was only 15.  Now it seems completely boring.  Give me intelligent conversation with a real woman over a pretty girl on a comic book cover.  But in 1988 I was only 15 years old and not yet appreciative of intelligent conversation, so this cover seemed a tantalizing and viable alternative to the real thing.  Thank goodness I’ve grown up, mostly 😆

Wonder Woman No. 19.  Bondage and S&M fans rejoice!


Transformers.  Every kid since the early 80’s has wanted Transformer toys, except for Lightning McQueen.  Here is the iconic cover that cemented the Transformers into the public consciousness.  This cover has got to rank in the top 50 comic book covers of all time in my opinion.  The cover conveys a sweeping space, earth, opera, saga, high adventure, grand and sweeping mythology all at once.  LOL, OK, I am seriously biased.  I’m a big Transformer comic  book fan.  The movies however sucked, except the animated films were good.

Transformers No. 1.  That big dude on the cover is Optimus Prime.


Milk and Cheese.  Funny ass comic.  Comedy for adults.  I wouldn’t let my teens read this.  18+.  Go web search Milk and Cheese and add comic to the search term.  Read some panels.  Good shit!  If your not an Alcoholic, then get your 6-pack and start reading, and if you are, get your favorite sugar drink.  Even better get a scanner and scan the entire issue and then read it on your 4K TV with a bunch of your geeky friends.

Milk and Cheese No. 5.  The comedic adventures of a block of cheese and a carton of milk.


The All New Atom series from 2007.  Great cover from 2007.  Years before the movies.  Just a great cover.  The Atom in this series is another Asian, this time born in Hong Kong, his name is Ryan Choi.  What’s missing now is female Asians and other minority groups in the U.S.A..  obviously, Asians are not a minority in Asia, but in the U.S.A they are.  And where are the Native American Indian Super-Heroes.

Atom No. 10.


Ultra violence, check.  He’s an asshole, check.  He saved you, but you really don’t want to be saved by him, check.  He’s ❌

❌ No. 1.


Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse might give you nightmares if you’re not careful to read it during the day.  A great comic about a neat little band of the undead who are all loving towards one another and care deeply about the world they live in.  Undead heroes.  Here, just go check out Wikipedia for more information as a starting point.  The art in the comic is delightful.  Do do an image search for it.

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse No. 6.


Until I go through my thousands more comics, this post will have to do for today.

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